The first thought that comes to mind when you realize your employer is tracking your location is why is it being done? It can be difficult to understand the grounds and basis of someone else wanting to know where you are all the time and naturally, you will probably be freaked out by it.

Tracking Your Employees – GPS Location

When a professional makes the decision to have to put an app to tracker phone location, they have a good reason for doing so. As an employer, they are more focused on the work output of the employees more than their personal lives. So why a GPS tracker?

Increased Productivity

This is the main goal when it comes to any business. You want the employees to increase their productivity all year round. Employees, being humans, can be very distracted by one thing or another. Some may look for ways or excuses to miss work for some time and this is definitely not going to help your business.

When they are sent on the road, they may decide to take unnecessary detours for long periods of time. You definitely don’t want to treat the employees as children who need constant monitoring but they need to understand that there is no room for misconduct in the workplace, especially during working hours.

Overtime Work

Sometimes, the workload is overwhelming. Starting with deadlines, you will require the employees to put in the extra hours.  A good way to know who remained behind after the end of working hours is by knowing their phone location. This way, you can pay them accordingly and appreciate their extra effort.

Of course, there is no need to work overtime on the everyday basis, but some employees do that. They spend the time putting more time and effort in the workplace because they want to be the best. An employer looking to promote or give someone a raise may consider the most committed employees who are persistent and consistent throughout.

Road Safety

An employee using a company car for work related errands is expected to drive safely and not risk damaging the company car. You can easily tell if they were over speeding on the road or violating any traffic laws. This is not only a bad thing for the company but they are putting themselves in danger. You definitely don’t want reckless employees who have no regard for others – they may be a bad seed.

Time Stamps

For the purpose of having accurate records, a location tracker may come in handy. In a scenario where some items got lost in the workplace at a particular time, you can identify the people present and any other suspects.

Most companies dealing with delivery also need constant monitoring of goods delivery. You can tell who received the delivery and signed for them, for recording purposes. This is a good way to ensure that there is no misconduct in the workplace. The employees need to understand that there are protocols that need to be followed for maximum effectiveness.

The whole tracking thing is not meant to terrorize the employees at work because doing so will create a difficult and hostile working environment. If you keep calling them out every single time and when there is a mishap, it will turn the workplace into a jail cell and they will be longing to get out the second they come in.

You should not interfere with their right to privacy and the tracking should only occur during the working hours. This way, they can peacefully have their right of privacy outside of work without worrying about being tracked even in their own homes. By doing so, you create an understanding that it’s only the work environment you care about and that’s where your entire focus is.

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