To Track or not to Track?

When you hear the word ‘tracking’, you automatically think of spying and breach of privacy. It gets very worrisome if you realize that someone is tracking your moves and activities. There have been instances of parents tracking their kids, spouses tracking their partners, and others.

Most people may feel that’s a breach of privacy or lack of trust. In the case of a spouse, there’s definitely one or two issues the couple need to talk about. But think about a parent installing a phone location tracker, that’s a worried and concerned parent right there. So, understanding the line between concern and over protectiveness is important.

Tracking your Kids

A parent has the most difficult time when he or she doesn’t know the whereabouts of their child. This is a great and valid concern especially if they are below the age of 18 as the safety of the child comes first. Some parents feel that allowing the kids to be free without their monitoring means creating a trustworthy relationship. Surprisingly enough, the kid may feel now they have all the permission they need to go to places they have been forbidden from before.

Tracking your child’s location is not an invasion of their privacy. You have given them the freedom to do as they please and go where they wish to but your only concern is whether or not they are making the right decision. If not, then you need to sit down with them and have a conversation.

Plus, as a parent it’s hard not to think of a worst case scenario. No one likes the idea of being unable to locate their child at any time. Their safety is paramount and any parent would like to be assured that their child is doing fine wherever they are whether it’s at school, at a friend’s place or neighbor.

If anything went wrong, you want to be able to pinpoint where they are. As they grow up, children try to be secretive or become rebellious. This is a difficult phase as you don’t know what is happening and odds are that if you ask them, you will not get a truthful answer.

Tracking your Employees

A company comprises of many departments. It can be hard to physically monitor what everyone is doing so a location tracker will help the employer know who is in and who is not. Employees are known to take advantage of the lack of an authoritative figure in the workplace and this may end up causing a decrease in productivity.

A good way to ensure that work comes first is by having a location tracker that notifies you who’s at work and who’s not when you’re not physically available. You want to also ensure that there’s someone responsible for any deliveries that occur when you’re unavailable. In case of missing items, you can easily know who was there and who wasn’t. This way you don’t end up accusing the wrong people when it’s probably an outsider.

Other than that, you will be able to know what and if there are any kinds of conflicts at the workplace. Such issues may not come to your attention until they are weighed out of proportion and need your intervention. Getting ahead of conflicts or any negativity rising up can really help keep things at bay.

By the end of the day, there are perks and downsides to any situation. It is important that any tracking put in place doesn’t take away the right to privacy or used for negative purposes. All situations are different and understanding the importance of using trackers accordingly is paramount. The last thing is put the ones being tracked at risk.

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