SMS Trackers on iPhone come in handy whenever you need to spy on text messages getting into your children’s iPhone or your spouses. It is of great relevance especially when you want to know what your Child is accessing. This is of great help in ensuring you keep track of your child’s morality. It also tells you whether to put restrictions on his/her phone. SMS trackers might just be of great help to notice any form of cheating and infidelity. Because after reading messages and getting into your spouse’s phone, you will be able to know everything you have wanted to know.

When you go online you will come across many SMS trackers. They will have many specifications promising some serious tracking. However, some of them are just bogus. The program turns out to be the best SMS Tracker. Howerwatch is a free SMS tracker that acts as a spy to messages at any time. Once installed, it will spy all the messages in the iPhone that you want to track.

I now know you are psyched up to use this SMS tracker. But before you proceed, make sure you complete these steps;

  • Sign up for free online by keying in your email and password
  • Download and install the mobile tracker online
  • Start monitoring the SMS you are interested in

So how does Hoverwatch standout among SMS trackers on iPhone. It has the following relevant features;

SMS Trackers on iPhone


Absolutely Invisible

The current generation is so smatter, in that by taking advantage of the enhanced technology, they can easily notice whenever you are tracking them. Therefore, the need for an invisible SMS tracker is high. That is where the Hoverwatch becomes significant. This program keeps the user absolutely anonymous while tracking messages. Your fingerprints will remain absent on the iPhone you are tracking. Fortunately, that will conceal your identity forever.

Tracks location

People tend to hide themselves especially when engaging in some uncalled-for messages. The intention of this is to hide from anybody that will attempt to stop gives provision for one to track people’s location. Therefore, no worry about where you kid might be hiding exchanging some uncalled funny messages or your spouse.

Tracks messages om Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber

This comes as a blow to those who might switch to using other SMS platforms. can track and access them. Therefore, whatever you are hiding will be exposed. This flexibility makes a viable program that should be installed on your iPhone. It might just be whatever you need to confirm some of the suspicions you have.

Keeps complete History

It is human nature to delete the history of some uncomfortable messages from our phones. This is to prevent people from knowing whatever we might be engaging in. Immediately we delete the history we assume our secret is safely kept. Unfortunately, we might just be wrong. Hoverwatch is an SMS tracker that beats all odds to access messaging history. Therefore with this program you can easily keep track of the messaging history of those you are interested in. To enjoy this feature, have this SMS tracker installed on your iPhone. Use it to access the SMS on the targeted phone.

This program comes with the following advantages.

1. Free version available

2. Preserves your anonymity

3. You can easily use it

4. Screenshot feature


1. Not absolutely free


Everybody likes to keep their messages confidential. This is because of the relevance of those SMS.However,with the evolving technology possibilities of those secret messages being tracked has increased tremendously. You just never know who might be spying those messages you are sharing with other people. These tracking programs, have even gone a notch higher. They access almost every messaging platforms just to keep an eye on you. Do not just send that message confidently, you might be under watch.

Hoverwatch program is an absolute SMS tracker and spy. It really executes its intention in a very excellent way. It does not matter whether you have used it or not since it is very user-friendly. As long as you have this program on your iPhone be sure you have the best SMS trackers on iPhone on board and every task you want is now achievable.

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